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Why Choose Our Aluminum Plastic Panel

  • source: Xinghe
  • Date:11/07/2018

Wholesale aluminium composite panel from Xinghe with 15 years of supplying various aluminum composite material like fire proof aluminum composite plate,marble aluminium composite panel cladding, mirror aluminum composite sheet,wooden acm aluminum panels.I will mainly introduce two products of aluminum-plastic panel.


First,about Chameleon aluminum-plastic panel, mainly the coating on the surface of aluminum, looks like discoloration under the illumination of sunlight, and looks different in different angles.

aluminum composite board


1:The specific principles are as follows:

Spectral aluminum composite panels are abstracted by colors from nature's themes such as rainbows. Aluminum composite panels surface is coated with a special high-gloss paint that gives us a smooth and colorful feel. The interaction between light and matter, the secret of diffraction and absorption, is the color effect in nature. Spectral aluminum composite panels display fantasy decorative effects, especially in public and internal, chain operations, car 4s stores, exhibition advertisements, etc.



Optical: According to optical elements, the spectral aluminum composite panel uses reflection, diffraction, and absorption of light. These color effects attract motivation, triggering emotions and feelings of people who have not been effective since ancient times.


The second,about the antibacterial aluminum-plastic panel, that is the coating on the decorative surface of the aluminum-plastic panel is made of antibacterial coating, and many hospitals have begun to use this aluminum composite material. The current antibacterial aluminum composite panel can be tested by two strains of Escherichia coli (ATCC 8739) and Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538P), and some can even resist more strains, and kill such strains. The function is fully compliant with the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS Z 2801:2010 ≥ standard.


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