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What is CE Certification of Aluminum Plastic Composite Panels

  • source: Xinghe
  • Date:11/27/2018

Is there any relevant coordination standard for aluminum composite panel? The EU official does not currently publish any suitable certification standards or similar standards. At present, we have found the CE certificate of aluminum-plastic board provided by the certification body in the domestic market, mainly complying with 6 harmonized standards, but can these six standards be used for CE certification of aluminum-plastic composite panels?


1. EN 485 Aluminium and Aluminium alloys - Sheet, strip and plate

 It can be seen that EN 485 is a regulation for "aluminum and aluminum alloy-sheets, strips and sheets". These aluminum profiles and aluminum-plastic panels differ greatly and are not suitable for aluminum-plastic panels.


2.EN 438 High-pressure decorative laminates (HPL) - Sheets based on thermosetting resins (usually called Laminates)

EN 438 is a regulation for impregnated paper laminate HPL. The composition of HPL is a composite material of melamine impregnated transparent paper, melamine impregnated kraft paper and phenolic resin impregnated kraft paper treated with high temperature and high pressure. Also known as melamine board, Combe board, fire board and so on. There is no metal component at all, which is very different from aluminum composite panels, so EN 438 is not suitable for aluminum composite panels.


3.EN 71-1/-2/-3 Safety requirements for toys

Please, this is the toy standard. It has a hairy relationship with building materials.


4. EN 14509 Self-supporting double skin metal facing insulating panels

EN 14509 is the standard for sandwich panels. Everyone knows that the sandwich panel is a building material that is insulated and decorated. The EN 14509 standard clearly stipulates that the core material of the sandwich panel can be an insulating material such as rock wool, polyurethane or polystyrene foam.


5.EN 15091 Sanitary Tapware

This is the standard for toilets, not explained.


6.EN ISO 15091 Paints and varnishes

First, CE certification is definitely a European standard, but the standard is an ISO standard. Second, this standard is a method standard for color paint and varnish testing, not a product standard.


Therefore, it is concluded that although aluminum-plastic composite panels belong to building materials, there is no relevant coordination standard, so there is no CE certification. Therefore, these aluminum-plastic panel manufacturers should not be criticized by some irresponsible certification bodies for the certification of aluminum-plastic panels, but they can actually do the aluminum-plastic panel test solution provided by SGS!


In fact, there is no important reason for the absence of CE in aluminum composite board. I think there should be no aluminum-plastic panel factories in the entire EU region, so there is no need to set a standard for this industry.