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Welcome to Visit Our Factory

  • source:Xinghe
  • Date:05/17/2018

The weather is clear on April 12, 2018, we are glad to receive two clients to visit our factory. First of all, thanks for them visit our factory. The clients trust and support are the great help to the development of our factory. We received customers as friends, invited them to taste the Chinese tea together. Thanks them for their praise of China, especially the Guangzhou. Guangzhou is famous for flowers; during the March to May is the best time to look around. Beside, the Canton Tower is the most attractive sight too. Of course, we also invited our clients to look around our factory. The first place is the large and clean warehouse. All the products in it are well-organized. Then, is the place of production line which is the core of our factory. It clear show customers how the products formed. We specially purchased from German the best advanced automatic Aluminum Composite Panel production line and an advanced test device. We use high-quality materials from the United States and Sweden and adopt advanced aluminum-plastic production technology from Japan to manufacture high class Aluminum Composite Panel for interior and exterior finished. We have a very strict quality controlling system, which promises that goods we produced are always of the best quality. Last, we visited the showroom, all kinds of samples for your reference.

The modern marketing network will promote Xinghe to develop internationally. And we always uphold the principle of customer first and service first. We will try our best to satisfy your requirement. Meanwhile, welcome clients and friends from all over the world to visit our factory in any time. It is really good when everybody is good.

We from Xinghe wish we can have friendly win-win cooperation in the future with our clients and friends.

Welcome to Visit Our Factory 02