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The popular tendency of wooden grain decoration in 2018

  • source:xinghe
  • Date:06/15/2018

As we know, Milan International Design Week is the vane of modern fashion design is the world’s top level of home design. In April of each year, the use of 10% new materials, new techniques, and new colors produced at Milan Design Week affect social trends and aesthetic trends. The Milan exhibition gathered design from all over the world and many designers captured the inevitable design development trend: Natural Primary ecology. With the rapid development of economy, more and more environment is polluted, natural environments are rare. People still love the beauty of nature.

As an important factor in natural primary ecology, wooden grain frequently appears in people’s living space. Wooden grain keeps the wood texture racially, simple but natural, gives people original beauty. Compare with the traditional wood decoration, the key feature is environmental protection; it is more durable and easy to maintain; high resistance to pressure and force exertion; light weight; PE plastic core plate is adopted as the flame retarding substance in between difficult-combustible aluminum layers; diversity of wood grain and colors can satisfy your different requirements.

CROWNBOND is the representative of this new trend in the industry of aluminum composite panel. Our brand pays attention to emotions like “Safety”, “Quality”, and “Comfort” and so on. Good quality makes good brand! We look forward to creating a better tomorrow for your brand by using our good quality.

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