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The Business Trip for Indonesia

  • source:Xinghe
  • Date:05/17/2018

In order to strengthen the contact with foreign customers, better develop foreign markets and explore new customers to increase market share. Our company planned to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and other places to visit customers in 2018. The first place is Indonesia. After our company arrived in Indonesia, we began to make preparations to visit clients. Then the next day we began to visit the customer company which already contacted. In the process of talking to clients, we learned that their demand for aluminum composite panels is very large. Customers are also very satisfied with our products, so the next task is to communicate on specifications and prices. In the process of visiting customers, Indonesian companies are very impressed and profound about our company. We not only deal in business with each other, but also promote friendly relations between China and Indonesia.

Through our visits to clients' companies, we have further understood the requirements for aluminum composite panels in today's foreign markets, more directly listening to clients' opinions and recommendations, being able to promptly answer customer questions and satisfy customer requirements. We can also find our shortcomings during the conversation and the gaps between the other companies. This trip we have benefited a lot.

The Business Trip for Indonesia 02

The Business Trip for Indonesia 03