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Special Construction Plan For Dry-hanging Aluminum Composite Panel

  • source:Xinghe
  • Date:12/12/2018

First, materials and components requirements

1. The variety, quality, color, pattern and line of aluminum-plastic composite panels should meet the design requirements.
2. The quality of the connectors required for various designs and installations fixed with the skeleton must meet the requirements.


Second, the main equipment

Non-tooth saw blade cutting machine, hand drill, impact drill, nail gun, various specifications of drill, wrench, screwdriver, hand hammer, ink line, thread hanging, nylon thread, steel tape measure, electric welder, oxygen cutting equipment, manual Suction cups, electric hanging blue, glue guns, rivet guns, seat belts, etc.

special construction plan for dry-hanging aluminum plastic composite panel on external wall

Third, the operating conditions

1. Check the quality and specifications of the aluminum-plastic panel.
2. The water and electricity equipment and the reserved embedded parts on the wall have been installed. The concealed works have been completed.


Fourth, the process:

Release line → fixed frame connection piece → fixed frame → installation of aluminum plate → closing structure treatment → inspection


Fifth, the aluminum composite plate construction process:

1. Structural size inspection:
Carry out the straightening, arranging, and finding the rules, pop up the vertical horizontal line, and pop up the position line and the block line of the aluminum-plastic board according to the design drawings and actual needs.
2. Release line:
The laying work is carried out according to the actual center line and elevation point of the civil works; the design of the veneer is based on the axis of the building. The aluminum composite panel is composed of horizontal and vertical members. The position line of the vertical rod is first played, and then the vertical position is The anchor point of the rod is determined.
3. Fix the connection of the skeleton:
Mounting the fixing connector On the basis of the payout, the connector is fixed by electric welding. The connecting member is welded and fixed to the embedded part on the main structure. When the embedded iron piece is not embedded in the main structure, the expansion bolt can be fixed on the main structure to be fixed with the connecting iron.
4. Fixed skeleton:
The mounting frame is welded by the mounting method. The installation is to check the elevation and centerline position at any time. At the same time, the cross-section connection weld is treated as anti-rust paint. The fixed connection piece is used for concealed inspection records including the weld length, thickness and position embedding height of the joint. , quantity, embedded depth.
5. Install the aluminum composite panel:
Install the aluminum-plastic plate on the inner frame of the profile, first tap the screw hole position, and fix the aluminum-plastic plate finish on the steel frame block by rivets (or screws); the gap between the plate and the plate is 10~15mm and then inject Silicone weather-resistant sealant; it is forbidden to unpack the aluminum sheet before installation, until the protective film is torn open in front of the completion;

method of door head aluminum plastic composite panel


V. Quality standards

1. Guarantee project

(1) The variety, color, specification, shape, flatness, geometric size, finish, color and pattern of the veneer must meet the design requirements and have a product certificate.
(2) The surface layer and the base layer should be installed firmly. The adhesive materials and dry hanging accessories must meet the design requirements and the relevant national standards. The steel parts must be rust-proof.

2, the basic project

(1) The surface is clean and flat; the mosaic is correct, the texture is clear, smooth, and the color is uniform; the non-imprinted installation site is suitable.
(2) The seam is even, the seam is smooth, the seam is dense, the width is narrow, and there is no wrong table or misalignment.
(3) The board around the protrusion is cut by the whole board, the size is accurate, the edges are neatly arranged, smooth, the wall skirt, the face and the like are straight.

3. Allowable deviation items

No. Item Allowable deviation (mm) Inspection method
1 Vertical vertical 5 Check with theodolite
2 Surface leveling 3 Check with 2m ruler and feeler gauge
3 yin and yang angle square 3 check with right angle inspection ruler
4 Straight seam 3 Pull 5m small line (not enough pull line)
5 adjacent plate plate angle misalignment 2 check with steel ruler
6 Seam height 2 Check with 1m steel plate short and wedge feeler
7 Seam width deviation 2 Check with steel ruler

Sixth, finished product protection

1. Wipe the dirt left on the veneer in time.
2, conscientiously implement a reasonable construction sequence, a small number of types of work should be done in front, to prevent damage, pollution of the decorative panel.
3. When changing the shelf and loading, it is strictly forbidden to collide with the dry hanging panel.
4. After the outer veneer is finished, the corners of the easily damaged part should be nailed and protected. The other types of work should not scratch the topcoat and damage the plate.
5. The completed aluminum-plastic composite panel should be set up by a special person. In case of harm to the finished product, it should be stopped immediately and dealt with seriously.