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Some knowledge About the Aluminum Plastic Panel In Life

  • source:peter
  • Date:08/28/2018

The aluminum plastic panel curtain wall not only has the effect of the metal curtain wall but also it is superior to the metal curtain wall. It has a light texture and is easy to be bent on the spot. It can be made into various shapes and is mainly used in some public buildings. Because high-rise buildings are safe with aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall decoration, they have always become the hottest topic in the industry. Some people think that aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall should be used less or with caution. The use of aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall in high-rise buildings will become "air killer" or " The invisible killer is a huge danger.


Here are some disadvantages:

1.Structure of aluminum composite panel

The aluminum composite panel core material is mainly made of medium and low-pressure polyethylene and other polymer materials and is bonded with tree vinegar glue. The core material and the glue contain toxic components, and the fireproof, weathering, durable, anti-aging and other properties are poor. At high temperatures or even in the sun, it releases toxic gases that are harmful to human health.

 2.The quality of the aluminum composite sheet

The composite strength is not high, and the curved surface is easy to break. When the surface is heated, the core material will expand and cause the surface aluminum plate to deform and fall off. In addition, the thermal expansion coefficient is generally larger than that of the keel and the building, and the sudden drum phenomenon often occurs, thereby losing the effect and affecting the appearance.

 3.Lightning protection problem of aluminum composite plate

Generally, the lightning protection device is shared with the main body of the building during installation, and the core material and the fastener of the aluminum-plastic composite board are poor conductors of electricity, and the current cannot pass quickly and is highly vulnerable to high-voltage lightning attacks.

 4.Raw material issues of acp panel

The strength of the wind pressure resistance is not high due to the strength of the material itself. At present, high-rise buildings in advanced countries have rarely used aluminum-plastic composite panels as curtain walls, and instead used single-layer aluminum panels with relatively high safety and reliability.



Here are some advantage for aluminum panel.

1.Economical of aluminum composite board

The product uses a variety of high-quality coatings that do not easily produce dirt on the surface.The use of natural rainwater can achieve self-cleaning effects, eliminating the costs of high-rise and large-scale building maintenance and maintenance.

 2.Environmental protection of composite wall panels

Excellent oxidation resistance, no change in the surface layer, no pollution to the environment, resistance to foreign acids, alkalis, solvents, detergent contamination, making it difficult to stick to the surface.

 3.Durability of wall composite panels

Compared with traditional fluorocarbon aluminum-plastic composite panels, fluorocarbon three-coated aluminum plastic panel has the characteristics of durability, weather resistance, high-temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, stain resistance, and oxidation resistance.

 4.Recyclability of aluminum composite material

Can be separated from aluminum and plastic, and recycling, to achieve the recycling of resources and reduce environmental pollution.


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