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Normal PVDF Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel |

Normal PVDF Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel

Specifications of Normal PVDF metallic Aluminum Composite Panel

  • Aluminum Composite Panel Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
  • Aluminum Thickness: 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.21mm, 0.25mm, 0.35mm, 0.45mm, 0.5mm
  • Plastic Core: Normal plastic, one side unbroken plastic, two side unbroken plastic, fireproof plastic
  • Color: Metallic color (Choose from Color Chart)
  • Coating: PVDF coating
  • Size: 1220*2440mm (Standard size); 1250*3200mm; 1270*4800mm



Summary Aluminium Composite Panel

Metallic fluorocarbon paint is a high-efficient, multi-purpose, chemically cured fluorocarbon copolymer as a two-component room temperature curing coating. Metallic fluorocarbon paint has excellent properties such as excellent durability, protection, and decorative properties. The long-term use of outdoor and artificial accelerated aging test shows that the fluorocarbon bonds attached to the fluorocarbon resin molecules in the metal fluorocarbon paint can resist the degradation of ultraviolet rays and show extremely excellent durability, ultraviolet resistance and weather resistance, to make metal fluorocarbon paint coatings last forever as new, reducing maintenance requirements harga aluminium composite panel.


Features of Normal PVDF Metallic acp sheet alco panel alco panel

1. Metallic fluorocarbon paint has super weather resistance, durability.
2. Metallic fluorocarbon paint has excellent chemical resistance.
3. Metallic fluorocarbon paint has excellent anti-fouling properties, paint can be scrubbed with ordinary cleaners.
4. Metallic fluorocarbon paint film dense and hard, impact resistance, wear resistance.


How to Storage Metallic PVDF Coating of ACP Cladding?

1. Metal fluorocarbon paints have a shelf life of 24 months without opening at 25°C.
2. Coatings containing C-F bonds are collectively referred to as fluorocarbon coatings acp aluminium.
3. Metal fluorocarbon paint has two kinds of metal anti-corrosion fluorocarbon paint and metal texture fluorocarbon paint.
4. The metal fluorocarbon paint used for anti-corrosion is composed of fluororesin, high-quality pigments and fillers, and is a two-component paint. Can effectively prevent a variety of corrosive media damage to the base surface, to extend the use of the material to be used aluminium composite panel bunnings.
5. The metallic fluorocarbon paint is composed of fluororesin and various metallic pigments and has a strong metallic texture.

Our Fire-Resistant Aluminum Composite Panel acp panel alstrong acp is a composite material made of aluminum and non-combustible mineral filled core aluminium composite sheet. Though the core material does contain a small amount of combustible polyethylene, the main ingredient of the non-combustible mineral filled core does not permit the proliferation of flame and restricts smoke. It is a fire-safe material that passes mandatory requirements for exterior and interior application.It is an ideal material for external claddings, roof of pedestrian passage and other architectural applications aluminium composite cladding.



1) Fireproof and water resistant, excellent heat and sound insulation aluminium panel sheet.

2) Excellent surface flatness and smoothness.

3) Superior weather, corrosion and pollutant resistance.

4) Even coating, various colors.

5)Super peeling strength.

6) Superior impact resistance.

7) Lightweight and easy to process.

8) Easy to maintain.

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