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B1 PE Fire-Proof Aluminum Composite Panel |

B1 PE Fire Rated Aluminium Composite Panel


  • 1. Aluminum Thickness: 0.21mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm, 0.5mm
  • 2. ACP Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
  • 3. Standard Size: 1220*2440mm, 1250*3600mm, 1500*2750mm, 1500*5800mm, 1250*5800mm (Size can be make according to customer’s requirement)
  • 4. Coating of Aluminum Skin: China Mirror Aluminum
  • 5. Color: Solid and Metallic color; Brush color; Stone look and Wooden look color; Mirror look color.
  • 6. Plastic: B1 Grade Fireproof core, double side unbroken plastic.



Fire-resistance ACP is a kind of green fire-resistant composite material which is compounded of two layers of aluminum sheet and special low-density polythylene (LDPE) with fire-resistance. The coating of its surface is PE or PVDF coating. The core material is compounded by fire-resistant MGOH, NAOH and PE Polyster, so it has the feature of good fire-resistance which can reach B1 class.

Low Smoke and Non-Halogen of Not Flammable Polyethylene Pellet

USE: Suitable for Fire-proofing Aluminum Composite Panel.
Aluminum Hydroxide of Fire Retardant: FR-888.
Magneesia Hydroxide of Fire Retardant: FR-M918
Other Fire Retardant: FR-318
NOTE: Customers may request the production of different classes low smoke and Non-Halogen of not easily flammable polyethylene pellet.

Technical Parameters

Test Items and Results

Test Item


Skills Requirement(B1(B-s1, d0) Grade)

Test Results

Burning growth rate index (FIGRA 0.2MJ)




Lateral Flame Spread (LFS)


<Sample Edge

Meet the requirements

Total heat release in 600s ( THR 600s)




Burning length (Fs)




Whether Filter paper is burned or not


No burning

Meet the requirements

Smoke growth rate index (SMOGRA)




600s Total smoke production ( TSP 600s)




Burning drops / particles


No burning drips within 600s

Meet the requirements

GB / T 20284-2006 Sample Description As Following:

  1. According to GB / T 20284-2006, Sample Consists of long wings and short wings, Size of long wing is: 1500*1000mm; Size of short wing is: 1500*500mm.
  2. According to GB / T 20284-2006, Sample Standing 80mm from the backer panel, Backer Panel thickness is 9mm, Density is 900kg/m3 Calcium silicate board.


The burning performance of the template meets the technical requirements of flame-retardant B1 Grade material, The combustion performance is classified into Class B. According to GB 8624-2012, This sample Combustion performance can reach to GB 8624 B1 (B-s1, d0).



Our Fire-Resistant Aluminum Composite Panel is a composite material made of aluminum and non-combustible mineral filled core. Though the core material does contain a small amount of combustible polyethylene, the main ingredient of the non-combustible mineral filled core does not permit the proliferation of flame and restricts smoke. It is a fire-safe material that passes mandatory requirements for exterior and interior application.It is an ideal material for external claddings, roof of pedestrian passage and other architectural applications.

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