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Nano self-cleaning aluminum composite panel

  • source:peter zhang
  • Date:08/09/2018

Nano self-cleaning aluminum composite panel


Nano-self-cleaning aluminum-plastic composite board adopts high-tech nanotechnology to prepare TiO2 nano-coating with thickness of 1~3μm on the surface of metal aluminum veneer fluorocarbon paint; nano-TiO2 has super oxidizing and super-oxidation under the action of sunlight ultraviolet ray Two characteristics of hydrophilicity.


The surface of the aluminum-plastic panel is mainly composed of organic pollutants such as formaldehyde and toluene emitted from automobile exhaust gas and industrial waste gas. The super-oxidizing property of the nano-self-cleaning coating can strongly degrade the oil such as formaldehyde and toluene, and rapidly decompose into carbon dioxide and water. The inorganic substances (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides) on the surface of the aluminum veneer lose their adhesion; when it rains (or rinse with water), the degraded organic matter and the inorganic substance that loses adhesion are easily washed away by water under hydrophilic conditions. Some authoritative experts in the industry commented: "With the nano-self-cleaning fluorocarbon board, the building exterior wall will no longer need to be cleaned in the next 10 years, and it will be done once and for all."


Feature introduction

1. Saving water and big benefits: cleaning the wall saves a lot of water resources;

2, power saving benefits: OKER nano self-cleaning environmentally friendly coating TiO2 and sunlight UV effect, not only reduces light pollution, but also blocks the total solar energy 15% into the room, and reduces the power consumption, making it cool and comfortable.


3, large air purification: 10,000 square meters of self-cleaning coating is equivalent to the air purification effect of 200 poplars. Nano TiO2 can not only decompose inorganic pollutants, but also has strong antibacterial and bactericidal ability. This will play a good role in regional air purification and improve the quality of atmospheric environment.

4. Slow down the aging and fading of colored substrates: OKER nano-TiO2 self-cleaning coating blocks the direct action of ultraviolet rays on the substrate, effectively slowing down the fading of colored pigments such as curtain walls and billboards under sunlight, and it is not easy to age for a long time, achieving a long-lasting gloss and longevity. effect.

5, to ensure the safety of production work: According to incomplete statistics of the relevant departments, every year in the process of cleaning the buildings by spiders, the number of casualties has reached tens of thousands! The family and society suffer great losses! After the building adopts OKER nano self-cleaning and environmental protection fluorocarbon board, Spider-Man will be completely laid off, naturally preventing all kinds of casualties.