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NANO PVDF Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel

NANO PVDF Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel

Features of NANO PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel

  • Economical: The product uses a variety of high-quality coatings that do not easily produce dirt on the surface. The use of natural rainwater can achieve self-cleaning effects, eliminating the costs of high-rise and large-scale building maintenance and maintenance.
  • Environmental Protection: Excellent oxidation resistance, no change in the surface layer, no pollution to the environment, resistance to foreign acids, alkalis, solvents, detergent contamination, making it difficult to stick to the surface.
  • Durability: Compared with traditional fluorocarbon aluminum-plastic composite panels, fluorocarbon three-coated aluminum plastic panel has the characteristics of durability, weather resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, stain resistance, and oxidation resistance.
  • Recyclability: Can be separated from aluminum and plastic, and recycling, to achieve the recycling of resources and reduce environmental pollution.




NANO PVDF Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel

NANO Fluorocarbon Aluminum Composite Panel not only has the superior performance of traditional fluorocarbon (PVDF) aluminum composite panel, such as resistance to paint stripping, corrosion resistance, and non-fading, but also use the high-tech NANO coating technology, so that its resistance to pollution, self-cleaning, acid and alkali and other properties have significantly superior to the traditional characteristics of the fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel. It is a new type of building material with a newer meaning.
Compared with the traditional fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel, the coating surface has excellent self-cleaning function. Normally, the exterior aluminum composite panel after using half an year, the wall pollution will be more serious due to the dust and rain, especially the non-strictly-qualified silicone sealant used in some projects, after a long time of rain soaking, joints will outflow of a large number of black ink mark, it’s not only difficult to clean, but also seriously affect the appearance of the wall.
NANO fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel has now solved this problem. Because the coating itself has very low tension, it is difficult for dirt to adhere. A small amount of dirt can be removed after being washed by rain, and the self-cleaning effect can be achieved. Every year, the owner can save a lot of cleaning and maintenance costs.
The simplest method for identification of NANO fluorocarbon aluminum composite panels is to use oil-based water-based pens to coat the surface. After wiping, there are no traces. Ordinary aluminum-plastic panel scratches are difficult to erase.



● It is non-conductive and is an insulator. During high-voltage and high-frequency processing, there is no danger of sparking due to electrification;
● Good acid and alkali resistance, no discoloration;
● Insoluble in water, but can be dispersed in water, suitable for the processing of water-based products;
● High temperature resistance up to 800 °C, no spontaneous combustion, no combustion support.

The aluminum layer thickness: 0.3mm, 0.4mm, and 0.5mm
Standard panel size:
8ft x 4ft (2440mm x 1220mm)
8.2ft x 4.1ft (2500 x 1250mm)
10ft x 5ft (3050mm x 1500mm)
13.3ft x 5ft (4050mm x 1500mm)
Other dimensions can be customizable.

Technical Parameters

Specifications of NANO PVDF Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Thickness

0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.21mm, 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm, 0.5mm

ACP Thickness

2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm

Standard size

1220*2440mm / 1250*3200mm

Coating of aluminum skin



Metallic Color


Normal Plastic; One side Unbroken Plastic; Two side Unbroken plastic; Fireproof Plastic


A) Light weight, flat surface and high strength.
B) Excellent heat insulation, sound insulation, fire-resistance, acid-resistance, alkali-resistance, weather-proof.
C) Various uniform colors.
D) Can be easily processed and quickly installed.
E) Bright, elegant and magnificent, fit for various designs.
F) colors can be easily maintained.

A) Can be widely used in galleries, exhibitions, saloons, stores, offices, banks, hotels, restaurants, and apartments.
B) Other kinds of buildings: as ideal decorative materials for the outer-wall and inner-wall of buildings.
C) Kitchen cabinets, billboards, signboards, tunnels and subway interiors.
D) Ceilings, eaves, balconies, partitions and interior decorations.
E) Telephone booths, vehicle bodies, and industrial usages.
F) Re-decoration of the old building.

A) Under natural climate,film coating will be no rubbles,no vestige and no pulverization.
B) Under common rubbles.
C) Under common temperatures and radiation,no color difference.
D) According to international test standard,all the tested items are satisfied with high-class.
E) Our products with PVDF coating which produced under GB/T17748-1999 is with 70% PVDF. And under common environment, we can guarantee 15~20 years;and for FR products, it is good at fireproof, and the FR grade is B1 (according to the standard Q B862)

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