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Maintenance & Common Connection Methods of Aluminum Composite Plate

  • source:Xinghe
  • Date:01/04/2019

Cleaning and maintenance of aluminum composite plate:

Aluminum composite plate surface paint needs regular professional cleaning and maintenance. Such clean is to make the wall body of the building maintains clean and beautiful surface not only, should accumulate the bilge that has encroach on to baking paint surface to baking paint to remove regularly however, in order to assure the long-term quality of baking paint. The cleaning of building walls shall be carried out from top to bottom with manual or appropriate cleaning equipment. Do not use anything corrosive to scrub the paint surface.

aluminum composite sheet

The specific cleaning steps are as follows:

(1) flush the surface of the board with plenty of water;

(2) gently wipe the board surface with a soft cloth soaked with water-diluted detergent;

(3) wash the board surface with plenty of water to wash away the stolen goods;

(4) check the surface of the board, and use detergent to focus on the areas that are not cleaned;

(5) clean the board with clean water, until the detergent all washed off to clean the aluminum plastic board do not clean the hot board (temperature over 40), because the moisture evaporation is too fast to the board paint harmful. What needs to notice especially is, should choose appropriate scour, a basic principle is to must choose neuter to scour. Do not use strong alkaline detergents (such as sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, or sodium carbonate), strong acidic detergents, corrosive detergents, and paint dissolving detergents. Before an additional large area is cleaned, had better choose a small board face to do an experiment first, after wanting to affirm safety, begin formally again.


Common connection methods of aluminum composite board:

Aluminum plastic plate can be connected by the common method of metal and plastic processing. Here are some common connections.

(1) rivet connection:

Aluminum plastic plates can use rivets suitable for aluminum material to connect plates or between plates and other materials. For outdoor or high-humidity applications, the use of stainless steel core rivets to avoid corrosion impact on the aluminum plastic plate surface, if the use of iron core rivets, the riveting connection must be drawn out of the iron core. Countersunk rivets can only be used for indoor applications.

(2) threaded fasteners:

It can be divided into external use and indoor use:

A. outdoor fixtures:

When the outdoor use of screw fixed parts, need to consider the thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum plastic plate, in order to avoid aluminum plastic plate due to thermal deformation and extrusion deformation, aluminum plastic plate above the hole needs to be greater than the diameter of the screw rod, in order to meet the requirements of expansion and expansion.


The use of stainless steel screw groove with sealing washer can avoid extrusion deformation of aluminum composite sheet, the function of this product has been verified. To select screws suitable for structural materials, use a torque wrench or screwdriver to tighten the screws to ensure that the gasket effectively seals the holes but not too tight and leaves traces on the surface of the aluminum plate.


It is sometimes necessary to use a deformed bit or casing to drill holes into aluminum plates or bottom structures to achieve centering and riveting.


It is important to note that the protective film is removed before fixing the screws.

B. indoor fixtures:

Connections for indoor applications can be secured with screws made of steel or wood of different head shapes. These screws generally do not allow thermal expansion of the aluminum sheet.


The countersunk head screw can be used to fix the aluminum plastic plate, can use the usual countersunk head hole method or directly into the aluminum panel into the plate, this kind of aluminum plate hole to be greater than the diameter of the screw rod.

(3) plastic welding (only for PE core material) :

The use of hot air for welding between plastics can be applied to the connection between aluminum plastic plates, the use of electric heating welding gun heated air melting aluminum plate and the polyethylene core layer and polyethylene plastic electrode after cooling connection, the following are the conditions to obtain good welding quality:

A. Prepared board-edge interface;
B. clean hot air;
C. Correct welding temperature;
D. Correct contact pressure;
E. Welding speed.


(4) bonding:

Use metal adhesives/general adhesives for bonding. Used for indoor advertising board, booth layout. Common metal or common adhesives are suitable for bonding composite plates. Double-sided tape is suitable for connection with low strength requirement. We recommend the use of a one-component adhesive, sika-bond, for high-strength adhesives.


It is important to note that the adhesive is generally capable of withstanding static strength when used outdoors.


When aluminum plastic plate is bonded with other materials, it may fail due to the different thermal expansion coefficient of the material.

(5) card connector connection:

Usually can also use combination fixture to fix, connect aluminum plastic plate, fixture can seem to be made of aluminum or plastic materials, generally composed of two parts and connected by screws.