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What Is Main Mechanical Properties Of Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel

  • source:Xinghe
  • Date:10/24/2018

It is not difficult to find out which city is in a circle, it is not difficult to find some aluminum plastic composite panel surface deformation, the drums of those big landscape projects. This phenomenon occurs in small facade renovation projects, as well as on large high-rise buildings. Therefore, the construction process of aluminum-plastic panels is crucial, which will affect the overall aesthetic of a city. Then let's take a look at the mechanical properties of the CROWNBOND aluminum composite board.

aluminum plastic panel


  The main mechanical properties of CROWNBOND aluminum-plastic panel are bending strength, flexural modulus, penetration resistance, shear strength, peel strength, etc. These are important indicators related to the reliability and safety of aluminum-plastic composite panels. An important basis.


   The main use of composite panel is curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration. The curtain wall is the external maintenance component of the building, also known as the suspended wall. It does not bear the main structural load, and mainly bears its own weight, wind load, earthquake action and temperature. The self-weight is the gravity load, and the constant load that often acts. Because the density of the aluminum-plastic composite panel is small, the stress generated by the mass is small and does not play a major role. The latter three are variable loads. The wind load is vertical for the vertical building curtain wall, and its value can reach 2.0-5.0KPa. As for the effect of the earthquake, the aluminum-plastic plate is light, even if it has a large earthquake action coefficient. It is also 0.1-0.8KPa, much smaller than the wind, and the temperature is also small. Therefore, aluminum-plastic panels are used as curtain wall materials, and wind pressure resistance is a major consideration. When the wind acts perpendicularly on the aluminum-plastic composite panel, the aluminum-plastic composite panel mainly produces bending deformation, so the bending strength and the bending elastic modulus are one of the important properties and parameters of the curtain wall aluminum-plastic composite panel.

Shearing is also the way of stressing aluminum-plastic composite panels, so penetration resistance and shear strength are also one of the important parameters for structural design. 180° peel strength is an important indicator reflecting the bonding properties of aluminum composite sheet and core materials. If the aluminum-plastic composite panel is severely deformed and opened under the action of its own or structural stress after a period of use, it will seriously affect the quality and safety of the building.


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