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Installation Method of Door Head Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel

  • source:Xinghe
  • Date:12/07/2018

Aluminum composite material manufacturers - Xinghe is famous for its quick delivery, various models and colors. We are manufacturing, marketing, and service for a fire-proof aluminum composite panel and so on. Today, Xinghe will tell you the method of door head aluminum plastic composite panel.


The first type is the bottom of the wooden frame, which is glued together with wood. The practice is more cumbersome, the opponent's art requirements are higher and the cost is higher. Generally, the price is relatively cheap, but it is easy to get wet. Not recommended now.


The second type is the iron frame, which does not use the wood board. It only stabilizes the aluminum composite board on the iron frame because there is no bottom plate bearing, but the aluminum plastic standard is strict. Most people use a high-quality aluminum composite plate so that the surface can be leveled. Requirements.


A process size is very precise. If the welding is complete, be sure to pay attention to the horizontal level. The vertical welding points should also be neat, and the level can be corrected.


If you install the wooden frame, you must pay attention to the fact that the screw cannot be sunken and protruded. The frame is a square tube. At the same time, it is better to buy the thickness of the external composite board, so that the surface can be kept beautiful during construction.

method of door head aluminum plastic composite panel

In life, these two kinds are generally used. In order to make a unique shape of the door, the composite board only has a cover that must be opened according to the corresponding size, and a hook is opened on the back with a professional slotting device to bend according to different block requirements. Then, glue in the seam.


After initial stabilization, it is necessary to pay attention to the neutral weathering sealant reinforcement at the intersection of the keel and the composite board. This directly affects the unreliable. When splicing, it is necessary to pay attention to the planning of the incision. It looks like an overall plane. The seams are basically invisible.