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How to identify the quality of aluminum composite panel

  • source:PETER
  • Date:08/05/2018
        In recent years, aluminum-plastic composite panels have entered the home decoration, because of its smooth surface, bright colors, strong impact resistance, easy to clean, durable, and widely used. The aluminum-plastic panel is divided into two categories: outer wall engineering board and interior wall decoration board. The latter is generally used in home decoration. The aluminum-plastic panel is divided into two sides and two sides. The surface of the double-sided aluminum-plastic board is rust-proof high-strength aluminum alloy board. Spray on the front side and the reverse side of the aluminum plate. The single-sided aluminum-plastic panel has only one layer of aluminum alloy plate on the surface, which is slightly inferior in strength and cheaper. The quality of the surface painting, good aluminum plastic adopts the imported hot-pressing spraying process, the color of the paint film is uniform, the adhesion is strong, and it is not easy to remove the paint after the touch.
Aluminum-plastic panels for home decoration are generally used in restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms and room heating covers, partitions, etc. During construction, the base surface of the board should be dry and flat. It is best to use multi-layer boards and blockboards to make the bottom layer to prevent occurrence. Cracking deformation. Secondly, when attaching the aluminum-plastic composite board, it should be noted that the glue must be evenly distributed. When the super-strong adhesive thinner is volatilized, it can be pasted without touching the hand, and the hammer is pressed with a wooden hammer. Third, the aluminum composite panel should be divided into several pieces according to the design requirements when using. It is not suitable for whole or large area, otherwise it will easily cause empty drum opening. Fourth, the joints of aluminum-plastic composite panels are generally sealed with glass glue. It is required to be evenly filled when the glass glue is sealed. After drying, the surface should be cleaned to make the thickness of the lines consistent.
Aluminum composite panel features
Aluminum-plastic panels are good materials for easy processing and molding. It is an excellent product for efficiency and time. It can shorten the construction period and reduce costs. The aluminum-plastic panel can be cut, cut, slotted, band sawed, drilled, machined, or cold-bent, cold-folded, cold-rolled, riveted, screwed or glued.
Common quality problem analysis
Discoloration and discoloration of plastic panels
The aluminum-plastic panel produces discoloration and discoloration, mainly due to improper selection of the panels. The aluminum-plastic composite panels are divided into indoor panels and outdoor panels. The surface coatings of the two panels are different, which determines the different occasions for which they are applicable. The surface of the board used in the room is usually coated with a resin coating. This coating can not adapt to the harsh outdoor environment. If it is used outdoors, it will naturally accelerate the aging process and cause discoloration and discoloration. The surface coating of the outdoor aluminum-plastic panel is generally coated with a polyfluorinated elastomer which is resistant to aging and ultraviolet rays, and the sheet is expensive. Some construction units deceived the owners and used the indoor plates to pretend to be anti-aging and anti-corrosion high-quality fluorocarbon plates, and extracted unreasonable profits, thus causing serious discoloration and discoloration of the aluminum plates used in the project.
Opening and peeling of plastic panels
The opening and peeling of the aluminum-plastic panel is mainly due to the improper selection of the binder. As an ideal binder for outdoor aluminum-plastic panel engineering, silicone rubber has unique advantages. In the past, China's silicone rubber relied mainly on imports, and its value has made many people discouraged. Only those high-rise buildings with expensive curtain wall projects dare to care. At present, China's Zhengzhou, Guangdong, Hangzhou and other places have successively put into production different brands of silicone rubber, resulting in a sharp drop in prices. Now, when buying aluminum composite panels, the seller will recommend the special quick-drying glue. This kind of glue can be used indoors, and it can be used in the outdoor environment where climate change is impermanent.
Deformation and drumming of the surface of aluminum-plastic panel
It is not difficult to find out which city is in a circle, it is not difficult to find some aluminum-plastic panel surface deformation, the drums of those big landscape projects. This phenomenon occurs in small facade renovation projects, as well as on large high-rise buildings. In the past, during the construction, this quality problem occurred. We thought it was the quality reason of the board itself. Later, after concentrated analysis, we found that the main problem was on the base board with the aluminum-plastic board attached, followed by the aluminum-plastic. The quality of the board itself. Dealers often provide us with the construction process of aluminum-plastic panels. The recommended base materials are mainly high-density boards, wood boards and the like. In fact, when such materials are used outdoors, their service life is very fragile. After wind, sun and rain, deformation will inevitably occur. Since the base material is deformed, what is the deformation of the aluminum-plastic panel as the surface layer? It can be seen that the ideal outdoor base material should be rust-proofed, and then the angle steel and square steel tube are formed into a skeleton. If conditions permit, it is more desirable to use aluminum profiles as the skeleton. The skeleton made of this kind of metal material is not much higher than the wooden keel and high-density board, which can ensure the quality of the project.
Aluminum-plastic panel glued neatly
When the aluminum-plastic panel is used to decorate the surface of the building, there is generally a gap between the panels. For the sake of aesthetics, it is common to fill the gap with a black sealant. In order to save time, some construction workers do not need paper tape to ensure the tidy and regular glue, but use the protective film on the surface of the aluminum-plastic panel as a substitute. Since the protective film will have different degrees of tearing when the aluminum-plastic composite panel is being cut, it is impossible to use the protective tape as a substitute for the protective tape.