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how to grooving aluminum composite panel?

  • source:peter zhang
  • Date:08/07/2018

The aluminum plastic composite panel belongs to the plate material that is easy to be processed and shaped. When processing and modeling, the aluminum plastic composite panel needs to be grooved.


The grooving method of aluminum plastic composite panel is as follows:

1. The four-week flanging method is recommended.

2. Without folding edges, aluminum profiles can be embedded and fixed around the aluminum plastic plate, or it can be sealed with weatherproof sealant.


3. During the construction of flanging, grooves should be made at the flanging edge. Generally, v-shaped grooves and u-shaped grooves can be opened. Several typical grooving methods are shown in the figure.


4. The special grooving machine for aluminum plastic plate shall be used to ensure the groove depth is not damaged to the opposite aluminum material, and the plastic layer with a thickness of 0.8mm shall be retained. Reinforcement measures such as edge rib can be adopted at the slot as required.