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Frequently Asked Questions

Guangzhou Xinghe Aluminum Composite Panel Co., Ltd.

Q: How to clean and Maintenance for Products?

A: Use a neutral detergent or water with a soft cloth to swab and clean. Do not use strong acid, alkali or solvent to wash, so as not damage the surface; such as cleaning the curtain, please type with high pressure water jet to clean.

Q: When I on-the-spot, which projects I need to acceptance?

A: Items as below:
1. The thickness of panel.
2. The thickness of aluminum foil.
3. Length of panel, width of panel, diaomal.
4. The thickness of surface membrane: international standard>25um, Fluorine carbon membrane of our company>25um. Welcome to test and verify on the spot by party A.

Q: Could I know the Quality Warranty of your products?

A: For PVDF ACP, warranty is 10-15 years; For PE ACP, warranty is 10 years.

Q: I want to know the range of application?

A: Building curtain wall decoration, old and new buildings’ interior wall decoration; billboards, showboards, advertisement decoration, display Units; shop decoration, bathroom cabinet, furniture decoration, kitchen cabinet; industrial material, car body, machine exterior, tunnel wall, etc.

Q: Do you know the product processing and instrument use?

A: Here the following is the the Processing. And this product is available for general woodworking and metal instrument as necessary processing instrument.
1. Cutting: You can use shears, band saw, circular saws, wire saws to process.
2. Drilling: You can use the punching machine, drill press, hand drill to processing.
3. Trimming: You can use a plane, a file to processing.
4. Combining: You can use the rivets, pull nails, tapping screws, screws for processing.
5. Lamination(interior use): You can use a dedicated adhesive for aluminum composite panel or double-sided adhesive tape to processing.
6. Printing: You can do screen printing in the board or paste a self-adhesive printing.
7. Bending: You can use 3 surface molding machine to curve, but the board surface is required to do the proper protection to prevent scratching.
8. Angle Bending: You can use slotting machine to slot at the back and then do angle-bending processing.

Q: Where is your factory?

A: Our factory address is: Make industrial Area, Dongchong Town, Nansha district Guangzhou City.
You can take subway Line 3 to the destination station -- Panyu Station, And go to the exit A, when you arrived, you can call us, and we will send car to pick you up.
If it is inconvenient for you, our driver can pick you up from hotel to our factory!
Welcome you to visit our factory if you come to China!

Q: I want to know the Products Features.

A: Our product has the following features:
1. Ultra string peel strength.
2. Light material easy for processing.
3. Outstanding fireproof performance.
4. Impact resistance.
5. Superior weather resistance.
6. Ultra string peel strength.
7. Easy to maintain.

Q: How many brands do your factory have?

A: We own 3 aluminum composite panel brand: Crownbond, Alucoking, and the most famous one-- Megabond.
Also we can do OEM. If you have other brand want to do, we can do OEM for you.

Q: Could you send me product sample before I place an order?

A: Yes of course! But we need to know the panel specification you want such as:
1. Which color do you want?
2. Which Aluminum Composite Panel Thickness do you want?
3. Which Aluminum thickness do you want?
4. Do you have another special requirement about the ACP? Such as fireproof? One side unbroken? Normal Core?

Q: What is the min order quantity?

A: Our MOQ is 300 Square Meter.

Q: Could you send me product catalogue?

A: Yes sure! You can leave your Email address in our Website! Or you can download the color catalogue from our Website directly. If you want more details, you can also send us an inquiry.

Q: Do you have any standard certificate?

A: We have here the following certificate:
· ISO 9001-2008
· CE
· KYNER 500 (PVDF Coating)

Q: How many kinds of core do you have?

A: We have normal plastic, one side unbroken plastic, double side unbroken plastic and fireproof plastic.

Q: How many colors do you have?

A: We have more that 60 color, different color have different price:
Level 1: Pure color like: white, Flash Sliver, Yellow, Grey, Black Sliver, Black, Red, Green, Blue, etc.
Level 2: Brush surface
Level 3: Stone look and Wooden look surface
Level 4: China Mirror look (Tea, Gold, Silver, Black)
Level 5: Italy Silver Mirror ACP (Anodize)
Level 6: Italy Gold Mirror ACP (Anodize)
Also, If you want another color, you can send us the color sample to us, we can custom made according your color sample.

Q: I want to know the payment terms you accept?

A: We accept T/T, Western Union or L/C.
If you have any problems about the payments, please feel free to contact us anytime. Glad to be of service.

Q: How many containers your factory product each year?

A: Around 200-300 containers each year.

Q: I also concerned about the delivery time?

A: Our delivery time is within 7-12 days after 30% deposit.

Q: I may also want to know the Packing?

A: If packing with pallet, will load less, depend on the detailed size of the panel. Wooden Pallet (less quantity, LCL); In bulk (large quantity, like 20FT, FCL).

Q: Which installation accessories do I need?

A: You need the installation accessories such as: Aluminum Profile, Silicone, Screw, Foam Filer Rod, Paper Tap.

Q: Do you also sell the aluminum accessories?

A: We do not sale the aluminum accessories, but we can help you purchase the accessories such as: Aluminum Angle; Aluminum Pipe; Electrical Saw; Chemical Anchor Bolts; Aluminum Pop Rivet& Clapper; Foam Pipe; Galvanised Steel Angle; Self Tape Screw; Neutral Weatherproof Silicone Sealant 300ml cartriage; Grooving Machine.

Q: Any after-sales Service I can get?

A: After passing the acceptance, we issue by the relevant quality books of number of years according to the product range. In the construction process, our professional will coordinate with the construction party for installation problem that may arise and provide the spot-guidance for processing, timely sending feedback on a series of circumastances such as products quality.
If the project needs temporary replenishment, we assure supplying timely according to actual request, then to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Q: Where is your mainly market?

A: Our main markets are: South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid-east, Europe, Northern America.

Q: Which is some problems I need to notice when installation?

A: Please do the installation according to the arrow direction.
To avoid the color difference, every panel is printed by “Batch Number”, please choose the panels of the same batch number while installing them on the same wall. The protective membrane of the exterior wall panels contains anti-ultraviolet element, so they are more suitable to outdoors. But the interior wall panels should be applied indoors in order to avoid loss from outdoor use.
Please note that users install the construction within 45 days of tearing protective film, so as not to cause harm.