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The Different Between MCM And ACM(Aluminum Composite Material)

  • source:Xinghe
  • Date:10/18/2018

Both "MCM" and "ACM" are in many instances used terms in composite panel fabrication and manufacture.


What is MCM,ACM?
And the difference?
CROWBOND , ACM manfuacturer leader today would like to share something about ACM AND MCM.

mirror aluminum composite panel



"ACM" stands for "Aluminum Composite Material" and is a panel comprised of a plastic core sandwiched in between two aluminum sheets. The aluminum composite sheet was the first metallic composite panel created, but it did not take lengthy for the method to emerge as greater universal.



 "MCM" stands for "Metal Composite Material" and encompasses composite panels made with a plastic core sandwiched in between two sheets of metallic - this includes aluminum, but additionally copper, zinc, steel, stainless steel, and titanium.



ACM is one kind of MCM- as a whole, the industry has switched to the usage of "MCM" rather of "ACM" to cover the many varieties of composite panels used in modern construction. However, many manufacturers and fabricators nevertheless use "ACM", specifically when they solely work with aluminum composite products.


Currently, InSource Materials solely methods aluminum, copper, zinc, and titanium composite panels. Our focus is especially ACM, however we're blissful to discuss your alternative steel composite panels.