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Difference Between Long Wire Drawing and Short Wire Drawing Brushed Aluminum Composite Panel

  • source:Xinghe
  • Date:10/31/2018

Have you heard long wire drawing and short wire drawing the brushed aluminum composite panel in our life? Aluminum composite panel manufacturer-Xinghe can tell you what is difference of them.

brushed aluminum composite panels

Long brushed aluminum composite board generally has a long and thin drawing line;


The short-drawn aluminum composite plate is obviously shorter than the long-drawing brushed texture;


The thick brushed aluminum-plastic panel knows that the grain is thicker according to the literal meaning. The biggest characteristic of the straight-drawing aluminum-plastic panel is that the brushed texture will not break, and it will be pulled to the end.


There is a reason for the growing market share of brushed aluminum-plastic composite panels. Brushed aluminum-plastic composite panels are inexpensive and accepted by many households. Secondly, they have the advantages of being less oxidizable, corrosion-resistant, light in material and long in service life, so they have won the public. Like, better meet the needs of the market.


Brushed aluminum-plastic composite panels are also very widely used: there are large-scale construction and decoration applications, such as curtain walls, integrated ceilings, etc.; gradually, ordinary household products have also introduced the use of brushed aluminum-plastic panels, such as home appliances panels, home decorations, photo albums, electronic products, etc., become the usual supplies for everyone, play a role in life, and gradually increase their lives as the frequency of use increases.


The above is the difference between the brushed aluminum-plastic panel long-drawn aluminum-plastic panel and the short-brushed aluminum composite board, which is also very well understood. The brushed aluminum-plastic panel is a manufacturing process in which the aluminum composite sheet is repeatedly scraped out by sandpaper. The process flow is mainly divided into three parts: de-esterification, sanding machine and water washing. More and more metal products in the aluminum shell products use a metal wire drawing process to achieve aesthetic and anti-erosion effects. One of the reasons why the craft is popular is to make the product both stylish and technological.


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