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PE Gold Brush Aluminum Composite Panel |

PE Gold Brush Aluminum Composite Panel

Specifications of PE silver brush aluminum composite panel

  • 1. Panel Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
  • 2. Aluminum Thickness: 0.21mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm, 0.5mm
  • 3. Plastic (core): Normal plastic, one side unbroken plastic, Two side unbroken plastic, Fireproof plastic
  • 4. Color: Gold brush
  • 5. Size:
    Width: 1220mm, 1250mm, 1270mm, 1500mm, 1570mm
    Length: 2400mm, 3200mm, 3500mm, 4800mm, 5800mm

ACP has been used as a light-weight but very sturdy material in construction, particularly for transient structures like trade show booths and similar temporary elements. It has recently also been adopted as a backing material for mounting fine art photography, often with an acrylic finish using processes like Diasec or other face-mounting techniques. ACP material has been used in famous structures as Spaceship Earth, VanDusen Botanical Garden, the Leipzig branch of the German National Library.



Kinds of Brush

1) Straight Line Brush:
Means that on the surface of the aluminum panel, use mechanically rubbed to produce a straight line. It has the dual function of brushing off aluminum surface scratches and decorative aluminum surface.
There are two kinds of Straight line brush: continuous wire drawing and intermittent wire drawing. The continuous silk pattern can be obtained by continuously horizontally rubbing the surface of the aluminum plate with a scouring pad or a stainless steel brush. Change the wire diameter of the stainless steel brush to obtain different thickness lines. Intermittent thread is usually processed on a brush machine or a rubbing machine.
The principle of making: adopts two sets of differential rotating wheels that rotate in the same direction. The first set is a roller that rotates rapidly. The second set is a roller that rotates slowly. The aluminum or aluminum alloy panel passes through two sets of rollers and is brushed with the intermittent lines.

2) Cross Pattern Brush:
Generally make in the brush machine or the rubbing machine. Aluminum or Aluminum alloy panel passes through two sets of rollers, and the surface is pressed out of the cross pattern brush.

3) Random Pattern Brush:
Under the high-speed copper wire brush, an irregular, no-obvious matt brush pattern obtained by moving the aluminum panel forward and backward, left and right moving and friction is obtained. This kind of processing requires a higher appearance of the aluminum or aluminum alloy plate.

4) Ripple Brush:
Generally make in the brush machine or the rubbing machine. Using the axial movement of the first set of grinding rollers, the surface of the aluminum or aluminum alloy plate is brushed to obtain a Ripple Brush.

5) Rotation Pattern Brush:
Also called Optical Rotatory. Using a cylindrical felt or grinding stone nylon wheel mounted on the drilling machine, with Kerosene tune and polishing paste, to obtaining a silk pattern on the Aluminum or aluminum alloy surface by rotating and polishing. Mostly used for decorative finishing of round signs and small decorative dials.



a) Torsion Strength
High resistance to pressure and force exertion; High flexibility; No damages to paint layer when curved; Resistant to corrosion even by sand storm;

b) Easy Processing & Installation
Easy to process due to its light weight; Superior constructibility make it easy to cut, plan edge, bend and form with simple tools;

c) Thermal Resistance
Megabond ACP’s have insulating properties that prevent heat to penetrate structures, which translates into energy savings;

d) Fire Resistance
PE plastic core plate is adopted as the flame retarding substance in between difficult-combustible aluminum layers; Fireproof ability is higher than B1 grade standard;

e) Weather Resistance
PVDF coating (KYNAR-500) material provides good weather ability. The surface will not be damaged under any climate; Color will last longer;

f) Even Coat &Various Colors
Crownbond ACP’s use advanced film technology, making the joining of paint and panel strong and uniform; Diversity of colors can satisfy your different requirements;

g) High Impact Resistance
Innovative composite production of viscoelastic core fused with durable aluminum membranes provides high impact and breakage resistance; Crownbond ACP is strong and rigid;

h) Peel Strength
Advanced technology is applied in Crownbond ACP’s which enhances the key factor, peel strength, to an excellent condition; Planeness of panel has benn largely improved;

i)Sound Resistance
The unique non-combustible poltethylene core of Crownbond ACP’s provides sound reducing properties better than other materials such as wood and steel;

j) Easy to Maintain
Crownbond ACP’s enjoy the advantage of self-cleaning; Neutral detergent and water are enough to keep it clean.


The aluminium sheets can be coated with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), fluoropolymer resins (FEVE), or polyester paint. Aluminium can be painted in any kind of colour, and ACPs are produced in a wide range of metallic and non-metallic colours as well as patterns that imitate other materials, such as wood or marble. The core is commonly low-density polyethylene (PE), or a mix of low-density polyethylene and mineral material to exhibit fire retardant properties.

What makes the Aluminium Composite Panel Sheets of crownbond unique, is the possibility to apply multiple colours on 1 side of the panel. This is due to the fact that the aluminium sheets, varying in thickness from 0,15 to 0,5mm, are covered in varnish through a rollercoat process. Usually, the panels are being varnished on 1 or 2 sides and covered with protective film. This film protects the varnish during modification and is available with a thickness of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6mm. Aluminium sandwich panels are available in different sizes, with a minimum of 2.44 x 1.22 meters and a maximum of 6 x 1.22 meters.


Aluminium Composite Panels Advantages

The advantages of using aluminium composite panels are-


aluminium composite panels advantages

It is a very economical cladding material as compared to other options available in the market.

It is a very rigid, durable and strong material although it is very light in weight.

The application method is very easy and hassle free. The material is readily available in standard sizes which make the transportation of material on site very simple.

It is unbreakable, stain resistant and weather resistant.

They are available in numerous colors and finishes. Aluminium could be used to replicate the colour and texture of natural stone and wood very efficiently.

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