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Maintenance and maintenance of aluminum plastic plate

  • source:xinghe
  • Date:06/19/2018

1, to prevent dust and oil pollution of the aluminum plate: long time use will make the surface of the grana aluminum plastic board more dust and oil pollution, which requires the necessary cleaning and maintenance of the aluminum plastic plate, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of the aluminum plastic plate. When cleaning and maintaining the aluminum sheet, we should select some softer fabrics to wipe them gently.

2, select high quality aluminum plastic plate manufacturers products, the market of aluminum and plastic board manufacturers varied, different types, because the poor quality of the aluminum plastic plate is easier to deform, should try to choose the good word of mouth of the aluminum plastic plate manufacturers to purchase.

3. A regular inspection of the grana aluminum sheet. If the curtain wall decoration material, aluminum plastic plate often placed in the outdoor environment, long withstood the sun and rain, wind and other abrasion, may appear partly falling phenomenon, it should be checked regularly on the aluminum plastic sheet of the curtain wall, to fill the sky in time, and prevent the rain from entering the metal frame to cause corrosion and rust.