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Happy ending Indonesia business trip

  • source:xinghe
  • Date:06/11/2018

The first oversea business trip of Xinghe in 2018 was have a happy ending on May 28th!  

In order to communicate more effectively with clients, and have a face to face conversations with clients rather than only talk and chat on the Internet, the exchange of telephones, Xinghe decided to step out of China in the early part of May 2018 to communicate with customers deeper through overseas business trip! As the first stop of this trip, Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. During this visit to our customers, we visited nearly 30 companies and received praise from many companies. We also thank all companies for their warm reception!

Xinghe believes that through this direct face-to-face communication with customers, it can promote communication with customers, and can effectively understand what specifications of aluminum composite panel is customer needs in real time and give customers the best price in real time. The destination countries of this time are Indonesia and Malaysia. Where will our next business trip be?  Please stay tuned!  

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