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Xinghe Project in Indonesia

  • source:Xinghe
  • Date:06/08/2018

Xinghe is a Nearly 20-years experience Aluminum composite panel company, Mainly market is South Africa, Middle east, Asia, North and South America and so on. Almost each country you can find our project. Today we’re talking about project in Indonesia Island --- Batam Island.

Located in a quiet and beautiful island in Indonesia --- Batam Island, an office building project is on going now, Here below pictures is the on going, more than 10,000 square meters project. From pictures you can see that MEGABOND protect film still on the Aluminum composite panel surface. Because Batam is a island, surrounding is sea, and it is for exterior wall decorative, So you should choose an paint that not only can effective UV protection paint but also can waterproof enough. Xinghe material certificate have IOS 9001:2008 and SGS, Painting pass KYNAR 500, so quality is trustworthy.  

Indonesia-project-Batam-2018-001     Indonesia-project-Batam-2018-002  

We not only have the on going project in Batam Island, but also have the finished projects. See below pictures:  

And If you want more details about the projects and products, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

Indonesia-project-Batam-2018-012  Indonesia-project-Batam-2018-011