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The Appearance Quality Of Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel

  • source:Xinghe
  • Date:09/11/2018

Are you confused when you purchased the fire-proof aluminum composite panel ?Do you want to know how to judge the appearance quality of the refractory al-plastic composite board? We will tell you some knowledge about the quality of fireproof panels.


The fireproof aluminum composite panel refers to an aluminum composite panel with an inorganic material as a core layer and aluminum on both sides, and the surface of the product is coated with a coating or a thin mold as a decorative surface of the product.

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The appearance quality judgment of fireproof aluminum-plastic composite panels shall be based on the following standards:


Indentation is not allowed. The aluminum-plastic panel should have a certain height when stored.Do not place it too high to prevent indentation.


Aluminum composite board imprints are not allowed. When storing aluminum-plastic composite panels, the surface of the aluminum-plastic composite panels should be clean and clean to prevent foreign matter from being trapped and leaving marks.


Aluminum composite sheet no bumps allowed.

4.Core board

Do not allow the front and back core acm aluminum panels to be exposed.


Ripple is not allowed. The so-called corrugation refers to non-decorative wavy lines or bumps on the decorative surface of the product.


Aluminium composite panel has no bubbling is allowed.


Defects refer to local defects in the decorative surface of the product. The maximum size of the defect should be less than or equal to 2mm, and the number should not exceed 2 per square meter.


No scratches are allowed. When the aluminium composite panel cladding is handled, it is best to raise the four corners to prevent scratches.

9.Color difference

Visual inspection is not obvious, △ E ≤ 2 during arbitration, except for decorative patterns and colors.


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