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Aluminum Composite Sheet

  • source:Xinghe
  • Date:08/23/2019

1. Leveling at the grassroots level: the foundation of the original wall is flattened (the general simple tooling or home improvement basically does not need to be done, hey, cut corners)
2. installation of wooden keel: wall punching, raft fixed, generally with 20 * 30 wood keel, spacing @400,400 or @600,600 (light steel keel can also (wood keel need to brush fire retardant coating)
3. the installation of the base board: multi-layer board, blockboard fixed and wooden keel based or light steel keel (wood base board needs to brush fire retardant coating)
4. the installation of aluminum-plastic panel: immediately glued to the back of the aluminum composite sheet (installation surface) waiting 10 to 15 minutes, the board can be.



The top method is similar, but the keel fixing method is slightly different, and the base board should not be too thick, consider the weight problem!


The general decoration is three steps: the keel foundation - the base layer - the finish, the general process will basically fit, just like a formula.


If it is outdoor, it is punched in the outer wall, the angle steel structure foundation (the general area 38# angle steel is OK), the spacing, the thickness of the protruding outer wall to see the specific design, generally the spacing of 600 is about the same, with 8~10 Expansion bolts (preferably chemical bolts).



As for the angle steel, there are generally two kinds of methods, one is full practice, the other is rectangular box method (saving point material, huh, huh), don't forget the diagonal support, the next is the same, the upper base board, aluminum composite material suppliers, the base layer Pay attention to the board, because it is outdoor to pay attention to waterproof. It should also be noted that the waterproofing of the top surface of the upper edge should be done well. Pay attention to the slope, the white metal flange or the waterproof membrane. Sometimes it may be necessary to make a drainage ditch. If there is any problem, you can continue to communicate.


The weight per metre of 38*4 equal angle steel is 2.26kg, the height of 40*3 is 1.85KG/m, and that of 40*4 is 2.42KG/m. The price of your local steel is the unit price per meter.