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Aluminum composite panel performance test environment

  • source:peter
  • Date:08/27/2018
We usually say that the aluminum-plastic composite panel meets the national standards, including the flexural strength, corrosion resistance and chromatic aberration of the aluminum-plastic composite panel. How to know that the aluminum-plastic composite panel meets the standard can only be known through experiments, then the aluminum-plastic composite panel needs to be tested. What is the environment? This essay is an environment for introducing the performance test of aluminum-plastic panels.
Before the test, the sample shall be placed in the standard environment specified in GB/T2918 for 24 hours. Unless otherwise specified, the test shall also be carried out under these conditions. Preparation of the test piece: When preparing the test piece, it should be considered that the performance of the decorative surface of the product is required to be consistent in the longitudinal and transverse directions. In addition to the performance of the decorative surface, the other requirements of the product in the longitudinal, transverse and frontal directions are also consistent. The preparation position of the test piece shall be within 50 mm from the edge of the product. The size and quantity of the test piece shall be agreed between the supplier and the buyer. When the visual result of the color difference is controversial, the color difference arbitration test shall be carried out according to the method of GB/T11942, and the consistency of the production direction of the test piece shall be maintained during the test.