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Aluminum composite panel: How is it made?

  • source:xinghe
  • Date:06/13/2018

Aluminum composite panel is well known for its excellent corrosion resistance, and is used in building wall cladding, stores decoration, house renovation, advertisings.CROWNBOND aluminum composite panels are made by multi layers where two skins of non corrosive special grade aluminum is sandwiched on to non-toxic polyethylene thermoplastic or a fire retardant mineral core. The external skin surface is available in various finished and colors made from PVDF or PE paint coatings.

Making aluminum composite panel requires a series of processes. The first step is the work of Oxidation line, the process of continuous aluminum film processing mainly includes degreasing, neutralization, and three parts of the film. The purpose of degreasing is to remove the surface adhesion of a laminated lubricant, anti-oxidant grease and various kinds of dirt during the process of aluminum sheet hot rolling. Neutralization is the purpose of the aluminum plate surface is generated after degreasing and erosion gray or black attachments, this is due to the aluminum in the silicon, magnesium, iron, copper and other impurity content and alloy composition on the aluminum surface caused by settling out. Chemical conversion coating was to make the surface of aluminum by chromium salt chemical oxidation, the aluminum layer generated on the surface of a layer of fine and stable oxide film layer, has good adsorption ability, to reinforce coating in the coating when bad sex. Discharging materials, tie-piece machine, brushing off, degreasing, water-washing, chemical processing, water washing drying and last is collecting materials.

The next step is the work of Painting line, continuous aluminum coil coating is used to coat the surface of the aluminum coil with resin. It is rapidly solidified into a film by high temperature baking, and the coating of various colors is obtained, which has excellent adhesion and corrosion. Discharging materials, tie piece, painting-bake machine, cooling, driving, and last is collecting materials.

The next step is the work of Composite line, manually discharging materials, manual transportation, brown brush and dust collecting, preheating furnace, heating by short-wave, composite device, heating furnace, hot press, chilling press, film coating, driving gear, automatic length-cutting, roller transportation, oil pressure lifter shearing, packing, and last is putting in storage.

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