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advantage of aluminum compoiste panel

  • source:PETER ZHANG
  • Date:08/15/2018

Torsion Strength

High resistance to pressure and force exertion; High flexibility; No damages to paint layer when curved; Resistant to corrosion even by sand storm.


Easy Processing & Installation

Easy to process due to its light weight; Superior constructability makes it easy to cut, plan edge, bend and form with simple tools.


Thermal Resistance

CROWNBOND ACP’s have insulating properties that prevent heat to penetrate structures, which translates into energy savings.


Fire Resistance

PE plastic core plate is adopted as the flame retarding substance in between difficult-combustible aluminum layers; fireproof ability is higher than B1 grade standard.


Weather Resistance

PVDF coating (KYNAR-500) material provides good weather ability. The surface will not be damaged under any climate; Color will last longer.


Even Coat & Various Colors

CROWNBOND ACP’s use advanced film technology, making the joining of paint and panel strong and uniform; Diversity of colors can satisfy your different requirements.


High Impact Resistance

Innovative composite production of viscoelastic core fused with durable aluminum membranes provides high impact and breakage resistance; CROWNBOND ACP is strong and rigid.


Peel Strength

Advanced technology is applied in CROWNBOND ACP’s which enhances the key factor, peel strength, to an excellent condition; Planeness of panel has been largely improved.


Sound Resistance

The unique non-combustible poly-ethylene core of CROWNBOND ACP’s provides sound reducing properties better than other materials such as wood and steel.


Easy to Maintain

CROWNBOND ACP’s enjoy the advantage of self-cleaning; Neutral detergent and water are enough to keep it clean.